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Council Accepts Agricultural Designation of Southlands

The Southlands in TsawwassenAt Monday’s Council Meeting, there was unanimous endorsement of the final report of the Tsawwassen Area Plan Committee (TAPC) and staff recommendation to draft a bylaw for the new TAP. This will be brought forward to the September 13th Council Meeting, with a date of October 26 & 27 set for a public hearing. The recommendation from Staff & the TAPC is to maintain the agricultural designation of the Southlands.

Delta Mayor and Council Take Beating TAP Hearing

Tsawwassen - The much anticipated Tsawwassen Area Plan (TAP) public hearing began last night at the South Delta Recreation center. Hundred gathered to voice there opinions on the proposed area plan that has been over two years in the making.

Former Delta mayor backs Bishop

Sylvia Bishop and Beth JohnsonA well known and respected name in civic politics has come out in support of Sylvia Bishop, candidate for Delta council in the September 18th by-election.

Former Delta mayor, Beth Johnson is backing Bishop.

“I have known Sylvia for a long time. I know her to be hard working, dedicated and equipped to take on the responsibility as a delta councilor. She will serve Delta well.”

Ian Paton Declared Winner

As the polls trickled in yesterday evening, it was easy to see early that Ian Paton was going to be the man to beat. His lead started the moment the advanced polls were announced but with many more polls to come in, anything could happen. Well that anything was an impressive sweep of all six Ladner polling stations and the advanced polls.

The East Delta auctioneer dominated Ladner taking 55% of the vote there. Outside of Ladner, Paton saw his support drop losing both Tsawwassen and North Delta to Sylvia Bishop but it wasn't enough to overcome the huge margins gained in Ladner.

Peter Harms Vies for Southlands Vote

Peter HarmsWith only one day left in the by-election there seems to be quite a bit of confusion as to where the candidates stand on the issues. Especially when it comes to the most talked about and contentious issue in South Delta - The Southlands.

The confusion seems to have been rectified by the opponents to developing the old Spetifore Farmlands. In the most recent issue of the Delta Optimist the community groups, "Southlands the Facts" and "Save our Southlands" took out a half page ad asking that you vote for Sylvia Bishop. This choice isn't as clearly stated for the people who would like to see the development happen.


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