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Southlands Designation to be Decided at Meeting Tonight

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Tsawwassen Area PlanDelta Staff members have released a draft of the new Tsawwassen Area Plan (TAP) that will be discussed and ratified at a final Committee meeting tonight (Thursday, August 19, 7:00 pm, Annacis Room, City Hall), including policies regarding the future use of the Southlands.

By-Election Coming to a Close

Polls close in less than an hour and judging by the numbers I reported, it would seem that the voter turn out in the North is going to be less than stellar. Of course there was still four hours of voting left at the time.

Every hour the various polls report their numbers to city hall and at 5pm Holly Elementary was the most visited polling station having received over 800 ballots. "We're hoping to get over 1000 votes here today," said Sheryl, the PO for Holly Elementary.

Committee Votes 8 to 1 to Protect Southlands From Developer

The Southlands in TsawwassenThe Tsawwassen Area Plan committee has recommended that Delta’s municipal council retain the current agricultural designation on the Spetifore Farmlands now known as the Southlands and adopt it as such into the official community plan. The committee met yesterday evening for a final discussion on how the recommendations in their report would be presented to city council.

Tsawwassen Area Plan Scrapped After Citizen Revolt

Tsawwassen Public HearingAfter two years of Tsawwassen Area Plan Committee meetings, Delta Council has decided to turn down the proposed Tsawwassen Area Plan. The plan, which involved untold hours of Delta planning and staff time, contentious public meetings, consultations, and costly surveys met with fierce opposition from the citizens of Tsawwassen and sparked an intense public hearing process that had no end in sight.

Delta All Candidate Debate Wrap up

Delta All Candidates MeetingBy Elvis Glazier - Last night people congregated at the Delta Town and Country to watch the debate between the candidates running in the upcoming by-election. Of the eight potential ballot choices only six candidates lined the table as Amy Ghuman Sara and Ray Robinson chose not to attend the televised event. The less than packed room included Delta Mayor Lois Jackson and councilors King, Hamilton, and Campbell.


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