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Stricter Drinking and Driving Rules in Effect

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Young Odessa asks people to slow down and drive safe as she poses for pictures outside South Delta Secondary as part of the Delta Police Departments Traffic Safety Initiative.

Today the Delta Police Department took to the street outside South Delta Secondary School to educate the public on new traffic laws and remind people about the “Walk –Ride- Drive Back to School Safety Plan”. As of Monday, new impaired driving and excessive speed laws have been enacted allowing the police to issue driving bans, vehicle impoundment, and fines right at roadside. The new impaired driving legislation brings consequences for blowing a WARN into a roadside screening device/ That is a blood alcohol level between 0.05 and 0.08. This new WARN level will allow officers to issue:


  • an immediate three day driving ban,
  • $200 fine, three day impoundment,
  • and a $250 driver's license reinstatement fee for a first offense.

Second offenses increase the driving ban to seven days and a third offense in a five year period carries the toughest penalties with a:

  • 30-day driving ban, $400 fine,
  • 30 day impoundment,
  • enrollment in a responsible driver's program,
  • ignition lock for 1 year,
  • and a $250 driver's license reinstatement fee.

The total for a third offense in a 5-year period is a minimum of $3960. Blow over 0.08 and you will receive a 90-day driving ban, $500 fine, $250 driver's license reinstatement fee, 30 day impoundment, enrollment in a responsible driver's program, ignition lock for 1 year for a total of $4,060.

These laws are the toughest in Canada and have been released in conjunction with new excessive speeding laws which will see people driving in excess of 40km/h over the speed limit incur tougher fines and possible vehicle impoundments.

"These new rules are a way for us (the police) to let first time offenders know how serious impaired driving is," said Sgt. Kevin Jones of the Delta Police Traffic Division, "They need to think twice before they get in a car after drinking. They need to know that this isn't cool."

Sgt. Sharlene Brooks, Delta Police Department's Media Relations officer, confirmed that both these new set of rules have been used roadside with the first impoundment of a vehicle for excessive speed occurring less than two hours after the rules came into effect.

The incidence of impaired driving has increased in the past few years and Delta has had been front and center in establishing these tough new sanctions. After four-year-old Alexa Middelaer was killed by a drunk driver while feeding a horse along the side of the road in Ladner in 2008 there has been a well spring of support politically to toughen up the punishment for people who would get behind the wheel after drinking. Since their daughter’s tragic death, the Middelaers have formed Alexa’s Team as a way to recognize police officers and are raising funds for a $250,000 roadside impaired lab to be named Alexa’s Bus.


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