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Delta’s Premiere Public Screening of: A Chemical Reaction – April 12, 2011

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A Chemical Reaction

With the enacting of the new cosmetic pesticide bylaw in the Corporation of Delta, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Delta Pesticide-Free Working Group are inviting residents to learn more about how cosmetic pesticides affect our health and the environment at a community dialogue and film screening on Tuesday, April 12th at 7pm at Burnsview Secondary School.

The evening will also feature the screening of the film ‘A Chemical Reaction’, which tells the story of a powerful community initiative that eventually resulted in Canada’s first by-law to ban the use of all chemical pesticides and herbicides, in the town of Hudson, Quebec. The by-law withstood a challenge by the chemical industry in the Supreme Court of Canada and so far the provinces of Quebec and Ontario have implemented provincial bans on the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides. 168 Canadian municipalities have adopted similar by-laws.


“The documentary, A Chemical Reaction, is 75 minutes of pure inspiration that a community can come together and overcome great odds to effect change,” said Judy Kilcup, Delta Resident and chair of the Delta Pesticide-Free Working Group.

Canadian Cancer Society Health Promotion Coordinator, Natasha Raey notes that, “The CCS is pleased to partner with the Delta Pesticide-Free Working Group and Burnsview Secondary School to raise awareness about the potentially harmful effects of pesticides.  We are extremely pleased with the step that the Corporation of Delta has taken to increase the health of its residents (through the cosmetic pesticide bylaw) and we hope that this public screening will help to further educate our communities on the health risks associated with unnecessary cosmetic pesticide use.”

Admission is free for this family-friendly event. The organizers encourage everyone to attend and learn more about how individuals and communities can work together to reduce pesticide use.
For more information contact Natasha Raey at (604) 202-4189 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To learn more about A Chemical Reaction, and to purchase a copy of the DVD, go to


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