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Southlands developer takes rhetoric too far.

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Bullying Stops Here

The fight over the future of the Southlands is heating up. At stake is whether or not Delta Council will submit an application to the provincial government to return what is left of the Spetifore farmlands back into the agricultural land reserve.

After four years of trying to sell his development plan to the citizens of Tsawwassen, Sean Hodgins knows this inclusion would sound the death knell of any future development of his property and it would seem he is not going to take it lying down. In a full page ad in the local papers Hodgins calls everyone who has opposed his development bullies, threatens all of Tsawwassen with "industrial agriculture through the middle of  the community", and then takes a shot across the bow at Delta's Mayor and Council for never allowing the development plan to be considered.




I for one, find his tactics tasteless. Hodgins' use of the word 'Bullies' borders on the ridiculous and whomever is giving him his media advice needs to enroll in sensitivity training. On February 23rd we all donned our pink shirts to call for an end to the very real bullying that takes place in schools, homes, and workplaces across our country and around the world. This full page rant in the pages of the main stream media marginalizes the message that bullying doesn't belong in our society.

As a victim of bullying, I still remember how terrifying it was. My entire grade seven year was spent in dreadful anticipation of the closing bell. I was the new kid in a small town and I was different. So everyday after school I would be chased home by a gang of boys. On good days I would make it and on the bad ones they would catch me. At school I would be attacked if I was ever caught alone. Going to the bathroom was chancing a black-eye, or worse. If the teacher was called away from class I could expect to have my books taken and thrown out the window. It was a different time and there were no protections in place for kids like me. We were told to fight back, but that never worked. Our parents would tell us that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but that was bitter sweet relief when you were nursing a bloody nose and fat lip. I was fortunate that we moved away after that year and I didn't have to endure bullying any longer. Did it make me stronger? I don't know, perhaps it did - perhaps it didn't. What I do know is that I lost a year of my childhood at the hands of bullying and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

Pink Shirt day holds a lot of meaning to me and to see this ad trying to hijack this noble cause to further a commercial interest saddens me and for that I say, "shame on you Mr. Hodgins."

You may have thought that it was a clever way to garner sympathy to your development but you won't find any here. Your rhetoric only further alienates the community you live in and for this latest stunt I firmly believe you owe the people of Tsawwassen and anyone who has been the victim of bullying a sincere apology.


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