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Cancer Society Applauds Delta's New Pesticide Ban

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Delta enacts pesticide ban


The Canadian Cancer Society would like to congratulate the Mayor and Councilors and residents of Delta for their enactment of a Pesticide Use Control bylaw which will come into effect on November 16, 2010. We would also like to applaud the Corporation of Delta for their exhaustive efforts to educate the community on pesticide-free lawn and garden maintenance. In Canada, more than 130 municipalities have taken a leadership role in banning pesticides in their communities. Many more will soon follow. By taking its first step toward becoming a pesticide-free municipality, Delta will be able to join this list of progressive communities and further enhance its image as a family-friendly and healthy community.

The Canadian Cancer Society would also like to congratulate the members of the Delta Pesticide Coalition, who for over three years have contributed their time and energy to raising awareness in the community about the risks of pesticide exposure and what we can do in our families, neighborhoods and community to make a difference.

The Canadian Cancer Society is a national organization, which along with providing community programs and funding research, advocates for cancer prevention and healthy public policies. The Canadian Cancer Society is very concerned about the use of potentially carcinogenic substances for the purpose of enhancing the appearance of private gardens and lawns as well as parks, recreational facilities and golf courses. We base this concern on the conclusions of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which states that some substances used in pesticides are classified as known, probable or possible carcinogens. Studies have linked pesticide exposure to both adult and childhood cancers.

The list of cancers includes childhood and adult leukemia, childhood brain cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, neuroblastoma, brain cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and some lung cancers. Further, the use of pesticides to beautify lawns and gardens is non-essential.

Therefore, because of the association between certain substances in pesticides and cancer, and because the cosmetic use of pesticides has the potential to cause harm, the Canadian Cancer Society calls for a ban restricting the cosmetic use of pesticides on private and public lands.

There are numerous non-toxic alternatives to pesticides, and research tells us that in regions where pesticide bylaws are in place, businesses have not only shifted successfully to non-toxic alternatives, but that sales and offerings of non-toxic alternatives are growing.

Once again, congratulations to the Corporation of Delta and residents of Delta!

Natasha Raey,

Health Promotion Coordinator - White Rock, Delta, Surrey
Canadian Cancer Society


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