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Armed Robbery at Tsawwassen Gas-Station

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Chevron in Tsawwassen victim of armed robbery

Police Scour South Delta for Armed Suspect

News Desk - Tsawwassen was the scene of a police manhunt after an attendant at the Chevron on 56th Street and 12th Avenue was the victim of an armed robbery.

Police were quick to attend the scene and cruisers cordoned off 52nd and 56th Street, effectively cordoning off all escape routes from town. From behind police tape you could observe the attendant being questioned by the officers on scene. A Police dog was also deployed to the crime scene. Upon questioning, police officers would not give any answers to what was happening, but one officer implied that they were searching for a robbery suspect.

The robbery took place around 8:30pm when a man entered the station demanding the attendant hand over all his money. It is still unknown whether the robber actually produced a firearm, but another staff member who started work this morning said the man had a gun tucked in his waist. "Police told us to close up," the attendant said, "they were more concerned about a man with a gun at large than the small amount of money that was stolen."

His co-worker, a young girl in her early twenties, added "My parent's have lived here a long time. They have never heard of things like this happening here. Between this and the drive by shooting up the street a couple of months ago I don't know what's going on here."

Police have yet to release a statement about this incident, but reaction on the street has people wondering just how safe they are. Morning coffees at the Tim Horton's were accompanied by many people speculating about what took place. The general feeling is one of bewilderment about a big city type of crime here in sleepy Tsawwassen.


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